LinkedIn has added a number of new features to help brands grow

The professional networking service provider, LinkedIn, has recently announced that it has released several new features for company pages. These features include a new method to highlight a company’s newsletter, a privacy-friendly way to divide the audience targeted by ads, and an upgraded analysis report for competitors.

Starting with the newsletters, it has been observed that this feature has already been doing well since its debut. To encourage more advertising brands to use this feature, the company has enabled new ways to expand discovery options, as now the advertising brands will be able to add search engine optimization titles along with tags and descriptions to the uploaded letters.

According to LinkedIn, whenever a user searches for that particular company on the platform, subscribing to these letters will become more accessible. Furthermore, as the page starts to flourish, users will be receiving alerts for subscribing to these letters.

Ever since the newsletters feature was introduced, several branding pages have been using it to get more connected with their respective audiences by keeping them up to date.

To help these brands grow, the company introduced a Facebook-like feature that lets brands compare their growth with that of rival brands. Brand pages will be able to see how they are performing, engaging with their users, or following the latest trends as compared to their competitors.

Furthermore, to make the ads more effective, Brand Safety Hub will let these pages control the areas receiving the ad impressions through double verification.

The company has also rolled out a new way to select the targeted audience for ads. Users will now be classified based on their traits, job descriptions, firms, and more. This group identity update will soon be available on the LinkedIn network.

These latest updates are expected to provide a much better experience to the branding companies so they can reach out to their audience via this platform. Although there is no significant change, these latest improvements are meant to make things more user-friendly for the brands.

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