Kudos To Telegram On 1 Million Premium Subscribers And Good Luck With The New Privacy Policy

Telegram is celebrating the event of having 1 million premium users and now removing the restriction of registration with a sim card or phone number, while providing additional privacy settings.

In less than six months after the well-known instant messaging service introduced the subscription option and started making significant efforts to commercialize the company, Telegram Premium attracted 1 million customers.

The founder and CEO of Telegram, Pavel Durov referred to this milestone as one of the most spectacular instances among all the social media subscription plans ever implemented. However, he simultaneously noted that this subscription reflects merely a portion of the platform’s total revenue. He was also positive and hopeful that someday Telegram Premium would also generate as much money as advertisements do nowadays.

Durov further said that effective monetization will be a great driver to support Telegram to afford the system, traffic, and salaries to keep developing new incredible features and sustaining the old ones. According to him, the company views its income as a tool to maximize value for its customers, in contrast to certain other social media apps which see consumers as a means to increase revenue.

Since not every device uses a SIM card, limiting logins to only those who have a certified SIM, somehow felt restrictive. In this account, Telegram announced a dismissal of that limitation and allows everyone to sign-up, including ones having no phone number.

Telegram shakes hands with digital agency Fragment to lead the procedure of verification as it is still necessary. For this, Fragment has represented the idea of generating an anonymous sign-in number for Telegram users having no availability of contact numbers. This number will act like a SIM card number and will be private and only accessible to only its owner.

For additional protection, Telegram is adding some upgraded security functions. The auto-delete timeframe for certain chats is the most familiar one. The instant messaging service is now giving users the ability to set an international timer for auto-delete, in which after a specific period all chats will be deleted and new conversations will be given a countdown that you would specify after the timer is established. Additionally, users will have the choice to include previous chats in the auto-delete timeframe.

Consequently, many people will certainly find the new Telegram features handy and will be amazed by its millions of premium consumers. The removal of the sim restriction will enable users to access more towards Telegram more.

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