A Big News: Users Now Can Purchase The Updated Lenses Of Snapchat By Snap Tokens

Snapchat revealed that it is testing the idea with a specific set of AR producers and developers, to integrate digital products plus Lenses, which can be bought through Snap Tokens.

The news was announced at Snap’s annual Lens Fest program that, in conjunction with a group of several AR experts, it is looking forward to introducing certain Lenses alongside which users would be able to access advanced tools, and augmented reality goods, as a result of this effort.

Some questions seem to arise related to the acquisition of this feature. The gain from this is quite simple. All Snapchat users have to do is buy the initially released 2020 Snap Tokens by pressing their profile icon and navigating to My Snap Tokens. It depends on the users to choose the right package of tokens considering the number of tokens and their feasible budget. Additionally, tokens may also be exchanged for either specializing in Bitmoji items or sending gifts to the artists. Users will enjoy the fruits of this new trial by using their tokens to access digital products inside a Lens.

As users may now begin spending tokens to update the Lens, the users have requested ways to advance one of the well-liked Potato Lens created by Phillip Walton. Now, they can change the potato into several characters, including a cat, a magician, and a cop.

Sophia Dominguez, who oversees the app’s attempts to build worldwide AR dominance, said in an interview that the platform is concentrating on utilizing 3 factors of AR for its first rollout, namely play, fashion, and self-expression. The platform searched for three to five developers for each category before narrowing the field to a few.

Dominguez further described that users may update lenses and give them a variety of new features with digital items. She also said that Snap is seeing these digital products as potential additional revenue streams for producers and creators in making Lenses for companies and customers. Moreover, the company is initially interested in acknowledging the reviews from its dear consumers.

Snapchat anticipated strategies for monetizing tokens and recently announced a collaboration with Adidas to introduce brand-new, limited-edition Bitmoji stylish items to attract and encourage users to come forward and benefit from this feature as soon as possible.

In short, the trial marks a fresh method for Snapchat to integrate tokens into more areas of the app to increase revenue.

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