Say Hello To Twitter’s New Feature Called VIT’s That Allows Users To Engage With Famous People

Social media expert Matt Navarra has brought forward news about a new Twitter feature that allows users on the app to engage with all types of public figures and celebrities.

The feature is appropriately dubbed VITs or Very Important Tweeters where you can interact and engage with famous people through various mediums on the platform. This includes editorial content, campaigns, collaborations, and even social events/ happenings in the industry.

Navarra broke the news through his social media account on Twitter where he tweeted the feature and how it entails all sorts of cool features. It’s a VIP app and rightly so because it features some exclusive offerings.

But it was definitely interesting to note how the Social Media commentator says this tool is not something new. However, it wouldn’t be wrong to mention that so few people have gained access to it in recent times. Moreover, you’ll find Navarra crediting another fellow user on Twitter who goes by the name Nicholas Mauro. He set out more details about the VIT feature and called it out for being an invite-only application that’s exclusive for VIP account holders on the platform.

So what exactly are these very cool features for the very important tweeter? Well, a recent screen recording showed features of the likes of Question and Answer, Instant Lock, and Hype.

The feature for Q&A entails allowing followers to generate responses through text or video content on the app. The Instant Lock feature would allow the publishing of exclusive news that can only be unlocked through a tweet. This way, more and more people would be encouraged to publish the news on Twitter. Lastly, the Hype is for the purpose of marketing and promotion a certain endeavor by incorporating URLs, headlines, or even a customized video into such tweets.
Mauro reiterated how there are many points worth a mention here in the form of valuable tools on the Twitter VIP application. They’ve been around for quite some time now. Moreover, making such offerings available for all others would certainly be a great venture.

During the time when such a feature was published, Elon Musk who is the app’s chief yet to let out a word or give feedback. Hence, we’re curious what his take on it all would be now that it’s out in the open.

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