Apple Says Sideloading Of Apps Could Arrive As Soon As 2024 On Its iPhone And iPad Devices

While it may be just a year since we last heard about the mega legal case forwarded Apple’s way by Epic Games for sideloading, the tech giant has some interesting news to deliver along those lines.

We’ve been witness to the App Store taking a 30% cut from developers of all kinds. But it now seems like things might be changing for the better.

Apple is slowly but surely preparing for the likes of an alternative to its app stores across different devices so as to align itself with the requirements gathered by the EU arriving in 2024.

This news comes forward to us thanks to Bloomberg that highlighted how there’s a huge pressure and push on the part of Apple to make way for sideloading. So we could soon witness a change that entails loading applications through the likes of a third party.

This could mean developers are going to keep the huge amount they put forward for apps and shut the door in terms of giving Apple its 30% share.

The matter is definitely a long time coming as plenty of issues have been arising regarding the endeavor from various directions. Out of those, the most recent awakening was by Twitter which opted to make major changes to its own Blue subscription, thanks to the way Apple carries out its day-to-day dealings.

Musk opted to increase the price for iOS users to a staggering $11 versus the $8 set out for those who made use of its website for a subscription.

The changes that would presumably be arriving in 2024 would most likely hit Europe first but some experts feel that a slight chance does exist for the opening of this App Store in different parts of the world too.

For now, the leading iPhone makes is a remaining hush. But remember, the much anticipated Digital Markets Act would come into effect in the next few months. And that would be a huge game changer in terms of how firms conduct business dealings in the continent beginning in 2024.

This rule would apply to leading hardware producers and software firms as well. As per this report, Apple is bracing for this mega change with leading executives being involved. But for now, no specific date has been confirmed but speculations do speak about its arrival with the iOS 17.

There is still one specific area that Apple is yet to comply with and that’s related to payments made with third parties. And if such a feature would be enabled across iOS devices.

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