iPhone Takes The Top Position For Google Search Related To Gadget Insurance

In today’s unpredictable world, theft continues to increase as we speak. And that’s why more and more people are seeking insurance.

Gadget insurance is a realm that’s slowly unraveling to be a necessity as more and more people continue to acquire it for expensive purchases. And according to Google Search, the iPhone topped the search list in terms of the electronics that people are most keen on protecting.

In case you didn’t know, the mighty Black Friday sale in the United Kingdom really made many realize that people couldn’t get their hands off of iPhones and PlayStations. These made up the majority of sales that we witnessed, comprising nearly $9 billion.

Sadly, these gadgets are the ones that are mostly stolen too by thieves and that’s why consumers are now turning to gadget insurance to steer clear of such unfortunate incidents as the holiday season approaches.

Insurance for iPhones really came in first in terms of One Sure’s list for searches starting November of this year. It stood at 40,000 and then the Google Pixel handset came in next at just 1500. Other searches entailed the likes of cameras and laptops. These were 12,000 a piece during that duration.

These types of studies just go to show how keen people have become to protect themselves against damage. And while you might think it’s not linked to brands, well, the iPhone is leading the pack.

Meanwhile, the study by One Sure showed gadgets like the Xbox, drone, tabs, AirPods, and PlayStation came in next as far as gadget insurance on Google Search results was concerned.

The spokesperson leading the study by One Sure mentioned how the holiday season sees so many people making huge purchases during this season. Be it loved ones or friends, people are the most generous during this time of year. And that’s why most thefts happen to occur now too.

And while you might forget about gadgets when insurance policies come into play, the current security situation is a wake-up call that some policies linked to insurance should involve gadgets too. After all, how else can one possibly think about replacing a stolen item?

On average, seven in ten thefts of gadgets take place when a person is far away from their residence. And you’ll be amazed to learn how 40% of thefts linked to smartphones take place when using public transport.

People are going to grand events held at public places and that’s where you’ll bump into large crowds. You get the chance to meet new and old people and you never know who it is that might be eyeing your shiny new iPhone from a distance.

The spokesperson even added that the holiday season is about having fun and sharing glad tidings all around. However, you’ll be amazed to learn that the festive season makes people forget the common measures needed to keep theft at bay.

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