Adoption Of iOS 16 Continues To Grow As Apple Gets More Sales Of iPhone 14 Units

iOS 16 is being loved by the masses and the growth is really proving to be wonderful for the leading smartphone maker Apple.

The news comes as the company starts selling more iPhone 14 devices and has even gone ahead to resolve some software bugs that were seen early on in time.

As mentioned by statistics from Mispanel, the latest iOS 16 is being downloaded on nearly 70% of iPhones in use today, just three months after it underwent a release. This is a figure that happens to overcome the adoption of this new software out there.

Mixpanel is an analytics firm that mostly bases this type of iOS adoption data on apps that utilize its technology. Moreover, Apple mentioned how it likes to track such iOS adoption through the developer’s website. But it’s interesting to note how the firm is yet to provide new updates on such data that reflects such iOS 16 launches.

In case you were wondering about the breakdown figures seen currently, well, the data has unveiled how iOS 16 leads the pack with 69.47% market share, followed by iOS 15 with 24.4%. And those earlier to this made up just 6.12% of the total.

It’s always very interesting to see how much data compares to the likes of iOS adoption with that of Android. For a while now, we’ve seen Google scale back the rate at which such updates for data are conducted. The figures for adoption through the Android Studio’s developer tool are not needed anymore for publishing through the actual website.

Remember, we saw in August how estimates proved that Android 12 was being run on nearly 13% of all devices. Meanwhile, around 27% of devices had Android 11 running at that time. In August, the tech giant announced the launch of Android 13 but until now, there are no statistics about it being up for grabs for another update.

It’s clear that Apple is doing a great job at impressing the world with the rate through which it brings about innovation on iPhone devices to its users so they can conduct an update. There are new features up for grabs in the new iOS 16 and it will also be the case in new updates seen in the upcoming few months.

A major change has to be the innovative Lock Screen that arises with so many customization options. It’s being loved by the masses and is quite similar to more trends seen with iOS 14 and widgets located on the Home Screen. This is what led to some more record-breaking strategies regarding the update.

The news about the fast pace through which such adoption occurs makes it super easy for users to stick to an older version of the iOS and continually receive updates on security regarding the matter.

Remember, when the iOS 16 first came out, the firm mainly encouraged users to download the iOS 15.7. However, the iOS 16 started to get listed as an update that happened to be available too.

As far as the debate between iOS and Android is concerned, we’re seeing that as something which is less relevant to today’s time. Before we forget, we must acknowledge how Google and Android producers have done a much better job at launching pivotal security updates for devices, no matter what Android version is running, it does not matter.

So definitely, Apple can take a bow with this launch and it hopes to witness more similar success in the future too.

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