Google Says The Secret To SEO Success Is Making Sure Your Most Important Page Is Not Terrible

John Mueller from Google is going public with some handy tips regarding the success linked to SEO.

According to the expert, if your website’s most important page is not perfect, then you can’t expect it to do well in terms of rankings. He also added that having other pages that were terrible didn’t matter as much, provided that the most important one was great.

Hence, if you’re a business that might be worried about rankings, then you should probably aim to make that home page perfect if you’d like to rank well on the search engine.

Another emphasis was provided on how people tend to focus more on the likes of archiving orphaned pages and it’s shocking for him. Mueller adds that they shouldn't be looked upon as like a huge deal when it comes down to SEO or even rankings on the search engine.

While speaking on Mastodon recently, he explained how the homepage is pivotal for success and it’s not uncommon for him to come across some terrible home pages or important pages. But seeing people complain about SEO not doing too great is probably linked to this very reason, he confirmed.

John also says that fixing the error is pivotal if the website wishes to succeed in a day and age when there is so much cutthroat competition from all directions.

But that’s when a sudden question started coming his way, thanks to Robb Watts. He wondered what the estimated scale was to determine if a landing page was terrible or not. After all, there must be some sort of criteria to meet before it can be dubbed as terrible.

Well, John says that any page that has unhelpful content is deemed to be bad as it ends up putting down the domain’s performance as a whole. He went on to reiterate that there was no absolute figure or percentage that could be outlined here. It was more linked to what the everyday or average person saw on this website.

It really does not matter how many pages there are or what percentage of pages on a particular website is causing this as he referred to those as arbitrary metrics. Instead, it’s more related to looking at the big picture for the website. So if your best stuff on the webpage is so terrible, then there is no point even considering success for SEO or rankings in the first place.

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