Google Introduces Continuous Desktop Scrolling For Search Results In The US

The thought of having Google search results become continuously scrollable on your desktop, similar to the way a mobile device function is no longer a dream.

The search engine giant was seen demarcating in its recent update how users could now be allowed to scroll in an endless manner via a few pages.

So we should soon see continuous scrolling introduced in the US for all desktop searches, the company outlined.

The exciting news was revealed via a Tweet by Google itself. The search giant highlighted how SERPs would now be popping up on around six pages for URLs, right before it prompted users to press on the tab labeled, ‘more results’.

This way, the company hopes search results can be widely seen without the need to click endlessly. Moreover, it is just so much easier to become more inspired when you’ve got data at your fingertips.

So what exactly can users expect? Well, after scrolling down, you can find some exclusive results for the discovery and exploration of new ideas. Hence, after reaching the bottom of such pages, around six pages would pop up and a button for ‘more pages’ would be added too for further addition.

When Google decides to fill such pages of its search results using ads, it would entail snippets, media files, and also boxes for the update that’s a win on regular pages on the internet.

When searchers are given the chance to explore different pages at the same time, it just makes it more likely that they’re going to witness more effective results before smacking into the likes of an obstacle.

Google does not hope such changes would affect its reporting. But the search engine giant did mention in the previous year how updating results on mobile search to the likes of continuous scrolling could mean no major change seen to Search Consoles.

The reason has to do with Search Consoles tracking all SERP placements and not the actual pages.

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