Apple Begins Talks With India About Possible Production Of iPads In The Nation

Leading iPhone maker, Apple is keen on exploring its options in terms of relocation of its iPad production.

While the firm has been relatively quiet about it, the news is out in the open how officials from the leading organization are holding talks with those in India about shifting some of the processing out of China and into the southeast Asian nation. These were as per recent reports from sources close to the government.

The company really hopes such discussions prove to be fruitful and while no concrete plans are yet to be finalized, the effort is looking to be successful. Remember, it’s going to expand in terms of Apple’s footprint in the nation.

As it is, during this year’s start, we saw the iPhone maker introducing an assembly of its leading iPhone flagship store in the southern part of the nation. The company was manufacturing older models of this iPhone device in the nation for a while now, a few years to be exact.

Now, the company’s ambitions to explore and expand more of the supply chain far away from places like China have come at a crucial point in time.

Remember, China is being engulfed in a wide array of protests over the past two weeks as Beijing takes on a strictly-zero tolerance policy for COVID as infections were seen rising.
In the early part of this month, we even saw the likes of Apple issue a new warning about iPhone shipments getting delayed thanks to this particular crisis. The great number of lockdowns has been a clear reminder to many that shipments would be delayed thanks to China’s lockdowns.

Therefore, analysts were seen reducing the estimates of iPhones for this particular holiday quarter. As revealed by the Wall Street Journal, Apple is really searching for chances to get its operations away from China and expand to other nations nearby in Asia such as Vietnam and India.

But there is a risk attached and that’s related to a poor supply of skilled individuals that have expertise skills in creating such intricately designed complex products like the iPad. And due to this, we might be seeing a reduction in the pace of such plans in India.

Did we mention how the current foreign policy background isn’t helping either? There are some growing issues between both China and India. Both nations have come against one another due to issues related to territories and their respective disputes. And that’s why today, you’ll find more military deployment at the border between both of these nations.

Today, estimates have gone on to claim that 10% of iPhones are being produced in India but with time, we may soon see this expand further but at a slower pace than expected.

Estimates are for an increase of 35% in terms of manufacturing such devices in a five-year time frame. And by that time, we could soon see Apple expanding further to involve other nations like Malaysia and Vietnam too.

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