Adobe Stock All Set To Sell Images Made Using Artificial Intelligence Applications

Today, Adobe has gone public with an offer that might make a lot of people happy.

The company is accepting pictures made using AI apps such as DALL-E and Stable Diffusion. These would be sold at Adobe Stock which is home to nearly 320 million creative images.

Moreover, you’ll see a series of new guidelines set out for the submission of such images that are made through such endeavors. The news comes as the company gears up for an expansion of generative AI as a great way through which clients can now add diversity to creative projects.

In the past, we’ve seen so many types of technologies be used including AI but there have been a lot of queries raised on the matter. Therefore, the company now hopes that projects like these can really deal with the confusion and eliminate all sorts of misunderstandings.

There will also be a new submission policy that would assist both clients as well as creators in identifying what’s acceptable and hence would allow the use of this form of technology for image creation in the most responsible manner.

Another major topic of discussion has to do with the legitimacy and the legality of such stock pictures produced using AI. It’s a major issue of discussion in the community of art and design and is competing with the likes of Getty Images where there is a banning of such sales related to AI-themed pictures altogether. After all, the fear of copyright is definitely at a major high.

Any images submitted to Adobe Stock using AI technology need to meet the rules and regulations outlined and should be labeled in an appropriate manner as well.

The use of Generative AI is a huge step forward so that creators can use the benefits of machine technology to develop imagery at a faster pace. This includes the likes of sketches and gestures alongside others.

Today, so many creators use such tools to diversify portfolios while expanding creativity and enhancing the potential to make great earnings.

But the firm reiterates that it all needs to be done very carefully so guidelines are met including contributors labeling AI submissions in the most appropriate manner.

The news comes after Adobe mentioned during its MAX conference how the firm outlined that experimenting with the world of generative AI is important and that’s why it is very keen on bringing such technology to apps based on Creative Cloud. And that entails the likes of Photoshop at some point in time in the future.

Image credit: Left: Adobe Stock /IlzeLuceroPhoto, Right: Adobe Stock / Kris Kashtanova.

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