Google Chrome Unveils New Dedicated Memory And Energy-Saving Modes For Browsing

Just as you thought Microsoft Edge might not be the most wanted browser of all time, it definitely has a few features that give others tough competition.

This includes the likes of its Sleeping Tabs offering as well as it's Efficiency Mode. It just makes this so much more compelling than a few more mainstream options. Now, we’re hearing more about Chrome providing Edge another run for its money by putting forward some interesting offerings that go head-to-head in this regard.

Think along the lines of dedicated memory and also some modes that entail energy saving for browsers too.

This is Chrome’s latest release and would be up for grabs on all desktop-based platforms as a part of innovative performance settings.

A post that was published on the official blog of Google mentioned how the new settings would pave the way for this browser to use up much less memory. Think along the lines of 40% less and also allowing for smooth running of tabs too.

Similar to the tabs for Sleeping on the Microsoft Edge browser, where around 1.3 billion tabs could be made to sleep, Google Chrome would make use of memory-saving options to freeze up all pages that it deems to be inactive.

Hence, it would enable computers to relocate the memory to more demanding endeavors like edits for videos and gameplay.

The energy-saving feature for Google Chrome would begin to kick in when the device attains the 20% reach for the battery. While the tech giant failed to go into detail with an explainer as to how such features really do work and how effective they turn out to be, one thing is for sure.

You’ll be seeing similar limited background features and activities as well as a reduction in visual effects for webpages having fancy details. So be prepared to say hello to less detailed graphics, simple videos, and limited animations too.

Google knows really well how it can’t make all its consumers happy with a single setting that rules all of them. But what we do know is that there are some great new modes that allow for wonderful customization like the chance to see which websites Google Chrome shouldn’t be put to sleep ever.

For now, it’s definitely going to be super interesting for us to witness various energy savers and memory offerings that enhance the overall performance of the Chrome browser when compared to other competitors in the industry. We look for some follow-ups that shed more light on Microsoft Edge’s tools for power saving. These are outlined to be super effective and it’s going to be interesting how they perform in real-time tests as well.

The feature would be rolled out in the next few weeks so stay tuned.

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