All iPhones Released After The End Of 2024 Will Require USB-C Chargers

For the past year, we’ve been hearing quite a bit of rambling regarding the whole iPhone charging fiasco. And that left many people confused about what the outcome of the situation was going to be.

Now, we’re hearing a final verdict and that entails all iPhones released after December 2024 requiring USB-C charging ports. So you can ditch the standard cables soon and get on the bandwagon for change.

This perspective was first sent out by the European Commission last year in September, right after a number of regulatory parties came up with the conclusion on legislation that became passed in June of this year. The official vote on the matter came in October.

So now, we’ve got a published document that speaks of this matter with a confirmed date on when such charging means are going to be applied as the standard.

In case you did not know, all new electronics which end up using various wired charging means would be needed to adopt the USB-C port. At the same time, different members of the EU have until December of next year to put forward their regulations that enforce the European Union’s directives.

We’d just like to remind you all that this new legislation entails a range of various electronic devices. This includes cellphones, keyboards, tabs, headphones, laptops, earbuds, portable speakers, digital cameras, E-readers, video gaming consoles, and computer mice.

On the other hand, electronics that use wireless solutions for their charging capabilities are obviously exempt and have nothing to worry about.

As one can imagine, this decision will drastically affect the likes of Apple. The leading iPhone maker makes use of proprietary charging standards that use Lightning cables that charge a lot of its devices such as the iPhones. And with such laws in place, it would enforce the adoption of USB-C cables for hardware that’s impacted after December 2024.

But remember, the first batch of Apple devices that use the USB-C might not arrive until the year 2025 and that’s considering the fact that this Cupertino company unleashes new hardware right before December ensues, every single year.

As it is, Apple is facing a major lawsuit in Brazil where the government has banned the sale of iPhones that arrive without charging ports as it feels it’s not fair to make users buy the accessory separately.

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