CEO Of Epic Games Is Willing To Go To The Supreme Court To Battle Apple’s Control Of The App Store

The CEO of Epic Games, Tim Sweeney says he is all set to go to the US Supreme Court to take action against Apple and its monopoly behavior on the App Store.

Sweeney says there is literally no one out there that wishes to see the Open App Markets Act transform into legislation as much as he. And if that does get passed by Congress soon, and the Republicans win in the upcoming elections, it would be great news for him.

In this way, the rule would enable big tech names like Google and Apple to enable developers to distribute applications outside of the respective stores and even make use of in-app payment options too.

This would be a groundbreaking moment for various individuals for obvious reasons as he and many others feel that Apple is doing a fine job at strangling the economy of the digital world today.

But remember, the actual fate of this bill still looms in the court of law. For a while now, so many leading sponsors in the form of senators have been making promises but very little has become true.

What we are seeing is how the tech giants Apple and Google have started to increase their criticism of such laws. It’s come to the point where Tim Cook has made his way to the country’s capital city of Washington DC to meet with leading lawmakers and put an end to the thought of such legislation as well.

Ever since we saw Epic file a mega lawsuit against both these leading tech firms and blasting them for breaking antitrust violations in the year 2020, Sweeney was constantly in the same league as them. He managed to throw darts at two gatekeepers seen on the Twitter app. Most of his posts are directly aimed at Apple and his last one went out calling the firm a huge menace that prevents freedom from taking place around the globe.

On Wednesday, we saw a tweet of his pop-up regarding the subject too.

The first part of the conversation had to do with an argument related to this App Store and how its priority was now linked to business implications only. There were a lot of complaints related to the tech giant’s dominance in the market during a period when antitrust was trending among so many Democrats. Today, Republicans are speaking out against Apple and Sweeney is joining them as the company’s stronghold on iOS apps being distributed is a menace in society.

Seeing Apple go as far as rejecting leading digital apps like Twitter is a huge issue that all politicians need to understand. Apple is indirectly determining who is going to say what and Elon Musk was not wrong to call out Apple and ask if they’re against the realm of free speech. Apple did threaten that it could ban Twitter from its App Store soon, even though Cook says it’s not like that.

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