Google Files Lawsuit Against Scammers Seeking To Manipulate Business Owners

Google has just recently won a court case where a certain bot network owned by the Russians tried to act against the app.

But now, another striking lawsuit has been filed by the firm against a mega scammers group that is tricking business owners into making payments. Such funds are being charged so users can access their Google My Business.

As recently mentioned by the search engine giant via a public post, they confirmed how they would be filing a lawsuit in this regard against a group of scammers that sought to defraud a few hundred small-scale firms. They were doing this by impersonating them via telemarketing calls.

Similarly, a number of websites had been created that went on to purchase fake reviews that arose in both positive and negative stances. This was done solely to manipulate those reviews of Google Maps and even Business Profiles on the platform.

Google went on to explain how such fraudsters are now calling up various firm owners and charging them money for such behavior as Google Business Profile which ideally should be for free and come without any costs.

For those who may not be aware, business profiles are the name given to tools that really enable business owners to make the right decision by taking charge of the firm in the manner that they appear on leading apps like Maps and Search.

Hence, users trying to find their favorite cafes, coffee spots, and hardware spots can do so.

So as you can see, it’s a proper tool that’s used to empower different individuals but some threat actors are abusing it and profiting from it via deceptive and even predatory practices.

If we look at the stats from just last year, they show the company managed to halt and detect around 12 million different attempts made by malicious actors that are known for making such profiles. Also, almost 8 million of those Business Profiles did not even belong to them.

This is certainly a mega legal push when you consider an entity like Google taking charge and hence would also empower the firm to tackle challenges like this one on their own. Those not-so-savvy owners of businesses have no clue that they don’t even need to rely on anyone like Google or even the likes of SEO for gains. Instead, they can gain access to tools without any cost.

It’s definitely a breath of fresh air to see the likes of Meta mingling well with Google to put away such huge scams that would really pave the way to dangerous forms of online deception. Moreover, It's cases such as these that really make you realize what tech giants are forced to deal with on a daily basis. And if the right tech advances aren’t made on time, there definitely could be plenty of trouble stirring the pot.

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