CIRP Has Published Data About the Places From Where Consumers Buy iPhones the Most And the Top Place Is Not The One You Are Thinking

New data published by CIRP shows where the people in the USA get their iPhones from and it's not directly from Apple stores. According to this data, it is revealed that most people in the USA buy their iPhones from carrier stores. Physical as well as online carrier stores are the ones that make the most with iPhone sales. After these carrier stores comes the Apple Store. It is rather shocking that Apple Stores aren't the first place people go to if they want to buy iPhones.

Best Buy retailers are also included in the list of where people buy the most iPhone from. Third-party retail stores are not very popular when it comes to buying iPhones but they still have a percentage in the list. The list goes like this: Physical and Online Carrier stores have 67% of iPhone sales, Apple Stores come second in the list with 24% and other stores have 5%. Third-party Best Buy stores have 4% iPhone sales. The 'others' in this list mean retail stores like Walmart and Target, as well as other stores.

This isn't a good thing because the Apple Store being second in the list is a weak spot because if Apple cannot even sell its products, what's the point of everything? If more than 75% of iPhone sales are not from Apple Store, it means that there is no effort from Apple for iPhone sales. When a person wants to buy a new iPhone, he goes to a carrier site but not to the Apple Store directly even if Apple is giving them offers like long warranty and other accessories. Other carrier websites also have offers for customers, but it's a point to ponder for Apple because why are customers getting attracted to other sales instead of Apple's?

This data is surprising because everyone was expecting that Apple iPhone sales will be bigger than any other shop. One of the reasons why carrier stores are getting high iPhone sales is because the customers think that their carrier will help them in moving their service to the new iPhone. Carriers are also good at advertising their stuff, especially when a promotion is associated with it. Carriers also know who their target audience is so they always advertise in that range. They do most of their advertisements by texting and emailing iPhone users and for the most part, this seems to work.

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