Survey shows consumers agree to share location data if it’s beneficial for them or society

A recent survey by Gravy Analytics, a location intelligence company helping enterprises make better decisions based on their geographic location, shows customers are interested in sharing their location data with companies, given that it assists and benefits them individually or helps society.

According to the survey conducted by Gravy Analytics, 73% of people who participated in the poll agreed to let the companies use their location data to enhance their application functions. 39% of people were those who showed no insecurities towards sharing their location data, as long as it allows them to download and use apps for free. Whereas, just 23% showed interest given that they would like to see more relevant ads and promotions.

Around 40% of the participants felt uncomfortable regarding sharing location data as they expressed their concern by saying that people might think about different things about them based on where they live or travel. Out of which 44% were men and 37% were women. One thing to note here is that 68% of the customers are fearing data breaches, whereas 62% are concerned about being traceable.

But the survey by Gravy Analytics also showed that 54% are ready to share their data if it reaches the company in bulk form, as a collection, with anonymity, as they believe that they won’t be traced back on an individual basis. An interesting fact that could be seen in the findings is that out of 54%, around 58% were postgraduates and 60% were men, who wanted their location data to be shared in a collection with anonymity.

Even though the fear persists, 73% of the consumers were ready to provide their location data in anonymized bulk form in cases of emergency response management during times of natural disasters. Moving towards those willing to see an improvement in services like public transportation, they stand at 45%. Furthermore, utilization of location data so that new facilities can be provided remained the choice for 38% of the participants.

As social media including websites and apps are growing day by day, people love to see personalized content, so they are eager to share their location data for the said purpose. A note from the survey; 31% say they love content based on their interest and location.
The reason why there’s lots of support, it’s that consumers love to see the offers and advertisements for products that fascinate them which sums up 71% of people’s choice and around 56% said that it is about seeing particular ads and activities that they might do or willing to do that makes them allow companies to use their location data.

Moving towards the 18-34 years age group, 26% were those who disliked the idea of companies using their location data, and upon inquiring them the reason, around 58% replied that they don’t want their data to be used for a company’s gain.

According to Jeff White, CEO of Gravy Analytics, he said that although customers have the knowledge and seem satisfied by the usage of location data to help and improve themselves and society, still many aspects remain undercover but should be addressed so that the public would get a better understanding of how the location data of themselves and the data from sensitive places is used and preserved safely.

He continued by saying that it is the responsibility of the tech giants and companies to explain the complete security mechanism that ensures consumer privacy and highlight the importance of this data being used for social welfare.

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