Customers Urge To Feel Valued Rather Than Possessing Value

Intercom, a software company that grants access to businesses to chat with their customers, conducted a survey that shows that customers want to feel appreciated by the companies in addition to receiving value from them.

Customers are the most important asset of the business. A true relationship with consumers is the greatest approach for a business to increase customer loyalty since consumers who feel valued return for utilizing that service. Every organization should transform itself into a “customer first” organization where the business is more focused on the satisfaction of its consumers rather than making a sale.

64% of the surveyed buyers said that they would stop doing business with a company if they didn’t feel valued during a customer service transaction. However, the mentioned calculation is lower than the proportions of 66% of customers who would stop using a service if their problem went unsolved, and the percentage is 65% of those who would stop using the service after being juked out by a support agent. Furthermore, 61% of customers think that respect is valued more highly than quick customer responses. In short, buyers determine value in their unique way.

According to Des Traynor, co-founder, and chief strategy officer of Intercom, customers have increased their expectations for organizations, to be honest, active, and accessible to engage with. Their continued patronage of the company depends on how, where, and what you speak.

The study further says that the best ways to show value to your customers include recognizing their past purchases or used patterns, giving them special attention as VIPs, and providing them with constructive advice and assistance.

Moreover, the use of inappropriate slang or repulsive language, or acting overly earnestly with an inauthentic conversation, as well as excessive use of emojis in support contacts can turn away 64% of customers. Whereas, 61% of Generation Z prefer a neutral tone, and 56% of customers value professional language rather than an informal one. However, customers across all age groups appear not to like email, and 60% favor direct messaging. Regardless of the medium, 35% choose short messages over elongated paras, and 49% of youngsters stated this choice.

Remember, your customers are the heroes of the story of your business. You are their guide. You should always be there to guide them to their success. Customers must continually believe that your product or service is worth the price for your business to develop. Prioritize quality, provide affordable prices, and, of course, provide above-and-beyond customer service. Customers will recognize your worth and probably continue to use your brand for many years.

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