Annual Study by Opinium reveals the 2022 ranking of the Top 100 Most Connected Brands

According to an annual study published by Opinium, tech brands are Americans among most favorite choices. TikTok, Instagram, and Spotify are the new brands that are added to this year’s top 100 most connected brands.

The study by Opinium, which is a market research and insight agency, interviewed 4,000 US adults, and it was found that tech brands including Netflix, Disney, Hulu, Samsung, and Microsoft remained firm in their positions compared to last year’s ranking. The report also suggests that US citizens are considering premium media subscriptions more necessary than last year.

The Opinium study also uncovered that Amazon and Google remained at their top two positions, but it should be noted that YouTube has also seen an effective rise, as it stepped up 6 positions and is now in 3rd position, whereas, Apple also climbed to 4th rank by jumping off 9 positions.

Twitter jumped 11 positions and was ranked 87th as the most-connected US brand. Moreover, Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram also went up in terms of improved ranking.

The report also covered Sony’s status, and an increase of 17 points was recorded, which made Sony stand in 10th place. Moving forward, Hulu, with a decrease of 6 points, is standing in 35th place. As far as Netflix is concerned, it is at position 9.

eBay was found at 60th place by taking a jump of 8 positions since last year.

While highlighting other platforms, the study shows that brands like PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo have improved their ranks as well.

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