Amazon To Launch TikTok-Like Shopping Experience On Its Platform

Amazon is very keen on introducing a new feature called Inspire that’s designed to be similar in design to shopping on TikTok.

The corporation announced the launch of its Inspire today that’s a type of short-form video and image feed that enables consumers to go through products and ideas and then shop via content that influencers, brands, and other users promote.

The whole purpose is to get consumers to leave apps like TikTok and turn to Amazon for such shopping experiences. This way, businesses would be given the chance to promote brands directly so as to achieve direct sales from the Amazon website.

The retailer went on to say in this shopping endeavor how the idea is to put forward the offering to a few consumers in the US during the early part of this month. And after seeing how things go, it should be further expanded to users in America in the following months.

This launch is similar to trials that occur during the early part of this year when the company was seen carrying out experiments that included a shopping button very similar in design to the TikTok app.

This event had a separate button for navigation and it was located toward the bottom of the app for Amazon mobile.

Meanwhile, in this particular version that’s getting launched right now, the navigation button’s placement is still the same and is present at the top. But there is a difference in the light bulb icon that’s present instead of the diamond icon that’s seen in tests.

If users wish to begin using this Inspire, consumers would be required to open up this Amazon Shopping application and then click on the icon for Inspire. After launching it, users would be prompted select from more than 20 interests, and that entailed items like makeup, skincare, and some pets. You also have travel, interior, running, and some more included to help make this feed a tad bit more personalized than usual.

At the moment, it appears that the new venture is focusing more on the likes of content that’s the short form in design. But you’ll be amazed to learn how it even provides support for images, making it a hybrid between the likes of both TikTok and Instagram. And similar to the latter, you can even double-click anywhere located on the screen to press Like and cover the content with red hearts.

Scrolling through the new feature is like going through the TikTok app’s feed that’s designed for vertical video. There are some engagement buttons that are located on the screen’s right side like TikTok.

Whenever a user feels they’ve witnessed something that they like, they can click on buttons at the bottom of windows which links products to Amazon. When you tap, buttons would pop up across products in overlay windows that are seen on the top of videos. Once you press on the feature entailing See All Details, that is when you’re transferred directly to the product page to read more, buy, and even add the product to your list.

You can find this feature on the Amazon mobile app for both iOS and Android users but it’s only available to a selected few for now.

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