Twitter Introduces Square-Shaped Brand Profiles As It Revamps Its Verification Initiative

Twitter Headquarters is making sure its very confusing verification program gets revamped in the best manner. Therefore, they’re pulling out all the stops including making brand profiles square-shaped.

We last heard about different colored ticks for various account types but this seems to be the latest update in this regard. Moreover, the platform has highlighted how this decision is being done to make them more prominent while being displayed in-stream.

As can be seen in so many pictures that were put up by social media enthusiast Mat Navarra, all profiles for brands are popping up in a square or tile design. And that’s very different from what was seen in the past, which was mostly circles for the rest of the users on the app.

It does make sense where this is all going. See, the biggest issue that was related to the $8 verification program was a pathway that led to so many accounts being impersonated. And as you may have seen or heard, it wreaked havoc for notable profiles including those belonging to celebs and public figures. No one knew who to trust and how. So that’s why a revamp was planned accordingly.

There were plenty of headaches that had brands second-guessing if Twitter was really the place for them while the app’s advertisers also took a step back with so many concerns arising as we speak.

To help avoid or eliminate such issues from taking center stage, the app has now opted to go one step ahead and include gold-toned ticks for various brands which cannot be purchased. This way, users would be able to differentiate official brands from impersonators with ease, thanks to square-designed tiles.

You can think of it as another level of security or assurance as people would distance themselves from those that are circled as that’s not a brand. So it all makes sense to us and we feel Twitter may have really thought things out on this one.

It’s definitely better than the initial plan for revamping as that appeared misguided and just ill-informed to start with. Remember, there’s no such thing as too much protection in today’s world of social media. In fact, apps are always searching for ways to provide users with more assurance because you never really know when you’ll need it. And it’s getting rolled out today!

Before we forget, Twitter is also making way for the launch of another tool to better battle the likes of impersonation. The firm is launching company badges that are going to be shown alongside the usual ticks for marketed sub-profiles and accounts of employees.

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