Apple Announces Winners For Its 2022 App Store Awards

Leading tech giant Apple has recently gone public with its list of winners for the App Store Awards category.

And all of the recipients were outlined as showcasing great possibilities in terms of the Apple App Store and various other devices by the top iPhone-making company.

As far as the top prize is concerned, it went to BeReal for iPhones for this year. Similarly, Apple’s also featured the best smartwatches, Macs, iPads, and even an Apple TV alongside all other winners.

The best iPad App award went to GoodNotes 5 while MacFamily Tree 10 won the award for Mac App of the year. Vix and Gentler Streak bagged the award for the Apple TV app and Apple Watch App for this year.

Coming down to games, it was Apex Legends Mobile that stole the show for iPhone Game of the Year while Moncage took the award for iPad Game of the year. Similarly, Inscryption and El Hijo won the award for Mac Game and Apple TV Game this year.

On the other hand, we saw the likes of Wylde Flowers and League of Legends Esports Manager bag the award for Apple Arcade Game and China Game of the Year.

Apple has confirmed how all of these big names really do represent the great possibilities linked to the App Store and the company’s device ecosystem. Moreover, editors from the App Store have even ended up choosing five different apps as winners for making a huge impression on the lives of plenty and influencing whole cultures.

Apps that were highlighted to be winners in the category of cultural impact included How We Feel, Waterllama, Dot’s Home, and Locket Widget. Then it comes down to Inua which really won so many hearts for its unique historical twist.

The colorful designs and striking audience makes it just so much fun to be around such platforms and take part in an abundant number of creative challenges. All in all, it’s just a pleasure to know that such apps exist that stay true to their roots and make sure others never forget their own values and customs.

Apple says that its Awards are a great way to make creators and developers realize that hard work never goes wasted and Apple would always be looking out for the best interest of those that choose to collaborate with it through its platforms.

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