Instagram Announces New Features Including Candid Stories, Group Profiles, Notes, and More For Better Collaboration And Interaction

Instagram has added a new and intriguing update that entails a list of unique features for better collaboration and engagement on the app.

For a while now, we’ve seen the platform work on factors like transparency while benefiting all accounts on the app with exciting opportunities. Be it creators or the audiences involved, the app hopes to end the year on a high by adding features designed for the best partnership.

Instagram says it wants to make communication a norm on the platform and that’s why it is now adding Candid Stories, Notes, Group Profiles, and more Collections for Collaboration.

From the looks of it, the app is really working hard toward going above and beyond the likes of images and films through a rollout called Notes. This comprises a short post that entails up to 60 characters and could be selected for close friends only which would pop up on the top of their inboxes. Remember, this would last for just a day and would be deleted after that.

On the other hand, it’s also putting forward another feature called Candid Stories which is more or less like the app’s answer to its top competitor BeReal. The latter is the name of a famous photo-sharing app that gained viral fame this year.

The candid feature helps to capture the essence of the moment and what is going on at a certain point in time. Hence it’s only going to appear for those that wish to share a moment taking place at that same point in time. The app would send out reminders for users to take Candids on a daily basis but if you’re getting annoyed, feel free to turn it off by entering the menu for Settings.

Moving on to Group profiles, this feature is for those who wish to share their life moments with a particular group of people. This new feature for group shares would only be showcasing pictures and video content to certain individuals that are selected to be in that same group. Hence, all such content would pop up on dedicated profiles which are kept separate from the user’s own.

This platform is a great way for testing out new methods for collaboration too as can be seen in Instagram’s other latest offering called Collaborative Collections. This enables users to save posts inside a collection that’s shared with some more users and pals.

As a whole, it’s a great way to play around with new and exciting opportunities. So if you happen to be an avid user of the platform, you simply need to update your application and get the best from such great features like Notes, Candid Stories, and more.

Clearly, Instagram is really working hard to better its previous track record which had people complaining about how similar its algorithm had become to TikTok. And that’s not something that they were appreciating.

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