New Data Proves Apple News+ Readership Is On The Decline For Leading Magazine Publications

New statistics obtained by the Press Gazette are going on to speak in detail about a massive decline in readership for Apple News+.

This data is going on to highlight how the leading 25 magazines regarding Apple News+ have reached a massive combined circulation of over 1.3 million during the first half of this year. And that’s a great increase compared to results from the previous year.

The breakdown for this circulation as outlined through the Alliance of Audited Media showed how figures have gone down massively. The figures were an average per issue for the magazine under discussion.

These leading magazines are different for every period and they do differ greatly as many people in the titles alter greatly, despite such a wide trend taking place.

As can be seen, publishers have gone about decreasing the YoY when compared to the same period as last year. The data obtained is relatively tricky because media traffic as well as readership are toward the higher end of the spectrum during the year’s start.

There is definitely one seasonal aspect related to the industry which could mean Apple News+ readership grows over the years. However, the key point to remember is how circulation is yet to be completed for the year’s second part.

Critics claim that the data published so far is related to that published through Apple News+ only and needs a major Apple News readership. One key point to remember is the availability of such magazines.

But how accurate is all of this? Well, the word is that Apple fails to provide any real metrics on its readership and that makes it hard for studies to decipher what’s going on. Hence, since publishers don’t have access to this information, the sources outlined, or even the traffic- there’s a lot at stake.

The Apple News+ bundle can be found at $10 each month. It’s also a part of the Premier bundle for Apple One that costs around $33 a month. Alongside that package, users can avail of the Apple Arcade, Apple Music, and even the Apple TV+ with iCloud+ and Fitness.

Whether or not we’ll be seeing any significant improvement before the year ends is a big question mark because more data is required to determine the real picture for 2022.

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