Almost All States in the US Have Laws About Flying Drones and You Should Know About Them Before Operating Copters

If you have a drone or any quad-copters, you cannot fly them everywhere in America. Some states in America prohibit flying drones around the area while in some states, you can easily control your remote control drone without any restrictions. Nowadays people buy drones for fun and it's alright because everyone needs a little bit of out door activity and entertainment. If the drone you have bought weighs more than 8.8 ounces, you need to register it with the FAA. The registration fee isn't very high and you will only need to spend $5 for the registration of your drone.

This isn't all because to fly a drone, you must know which state allows the use of it under which conditions. This information isn't too public and you have to dig it up or else you can violate the rules and regulations of the state. Verizon made it all easy for you by creating an infographic that tells the people which states allow drones and which do not.

According to the infographic, 24 states in the USA prohibit surveillance of people and buildings with drones by any means. These states include Arizona, California, Texas, and Florida. 20 states restrict the use of drones in parks and wildlife areas including California and Texas. 16 states allow the use of drones only for law enforcement. Nevada, North Dakota, Oregon, Utah, and Vermont prohibit the weaponization of drones. This means you can use drones as a fun activity, but not as a weapon.

Only four states require licensing and registration of drones before you start using them. These states are Louisiana, Minnesota, North Carolina, and Oregon. Keep in mind that the registration of drones needs to happen for commercial as well as public use or it will be an offense. People in Kansas and Kentucky cannot use drones near or on airport property. New Jersey has a law that people cannot control drones under the influence by any means. Louisiana also regulates the use of drones in agriculture and farming. If you are using a drone for commercial purposes in Minnesota, you have to get its insurance.

Even if all of these states have some laws and conditions for flying drones, some states do not have any laws for them. Even if laws are absent in these states, if you are buying a drone with more than 8.8 ounces weight, you must have to register it as it is a federal requirement. So do not overlook this important requirement. These states are Alabama, Missouri, and South Carolina in which you can fly drones freely, without any restrictions. A restriction that is common in all states is that no one can use drones for the surveillance of people and buildings. It's against common human rights too because it is considered stalking. If someone doesn't obey the laws given by their respective states for flying drones, they can get locked up in jail.

There are many other laws for flying drones in different states in the USA. Like in Indiana, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Jersey, Oregon, South Dakota, and Texas, there are drone-specific criminal offenses. The states of Colorado, Hawaii, Minnesota, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, and Wyoming provide funding for drones so they can be used for research and testing purposes.

So all of this means that flying drones isn't that easy. You have to know your state laws for drones before taking the remote control into your hands. As mentioned above, Verizon has made it all easy for you to skim through the laws to have a better understanding of them.

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