Survey shows 89 percent of industries became victims of identity-based attacks in 2022

As per the latest study from One Identity, identity-based attacks in 2022 were observed in almost every company, including top firms. The report was based on the responses collected from 1,000 information technology experts. The survey showed that almost eighty percent of the industries came across this type of attack in 2022.

In response to such attacks, the companies have started to analyze their security measures. Eighty percent of the companies believe that a high-end security defense can help them either counter these attacks or minimize the damage. As per the report, phishing attacks were the most common, with almost sixty-eight percent of firms getting hit by them, followed by stolen credentials with thirty-eight percent.

Taking a look back on the last sixty years, it can be seen that things are pretty much the same when it comes to identity attacks. Industries are increasing their defenses. Ninety-six percent of them are using a number of tools to protect their data, while forty-six percent are using over twenty-five different tools.

However, increasing the number of defenses doesn’t mean they are now protected; in fact, it’s costing them over one hundred thousand dollars annually for tools that are not even being utilized.

Over 51 percent of the industries are now planning to strengthen their tools instead of increasing the number. Thirty-seven percent of them believe that such measures will make it easier for them to adapt to things changing with time.

With the new year just around the corner, it is believed that the number of identities being used by companies will keep increasing. Currently, 52 percent of the companies are already dealing with over 10,000 different identities. The latest approach suggests that a common ground for identities will make things easy to manage.

In this way, businesses can lower their annual expenditures and, furthermore, offer a much better-secured platform by protecting their data from such attacks.

Now all that's left to see are the results coming from a common ground for all identities. Since the frequency of attacks keeps rising every year, it’s hard to believe that it will help companies with their problem.

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