According to Twitter, The Best Way To Resist Hateful Content Is Automation

In response to the recent round of massive turnover, Ella Irwin, a new trust and safety director claims that Elon Musk is advising Twitter to take greater chances.

As per the platform's new director of security and trust, Elon Musk’s Twitter is mainly relying on automation to censor material in the wake of a substantial rise in offensive speeches on the social media network.

Ella Irwin, a Vice President, Product Consumer Trust at Twitter claimed that Musk, who bought the business in October, was eminently interested in utilizing automation and that Twitter had previously failed by relying on employment-intensive, time-consuming human evaluations of detrimental content. She further said that Musk has exhorted the group to take greater chances, work quickly, and secure the platform. Regarding protecting children, Irwin said that Twitter has changed to immediately removing tweets flagged by reliable sources who have a history of correctly identifying damaging postings. Together with cybersecurity firm Ghost Data, Twitter removed roughly 44,000 accounts that had violated child safety laws.

Irwin added that regardless of any effects on beneficial applications of certain phrases, Twitter is also very actively limiting violent hashtags and hateful search terms. The staff now has the authority to act quickly and aggressively, which is the greatest shift.

When the researchers highlighted an increase in offensive speech spread all over the social media platform following Musk’s announcement of leniency for blocked accounts under the former management of the firm but not for the violation of law or sending outrageous spam.

Since Musk terminated half of Twitter's personnel and gave the order to put in long hours that led to the loss of hundreds more employees, the firm has come under fire for its capacity and desire to filter dangerous and illicit information. Irwin said that layoffs had little to no impact on full-time staff members or independent contractors working in the company's "health" divisions, particularly in important areas like child safety and content moderation.

According to researchers, the number of hostile comments on Twitter drastically increased in the week before Musk posted on November 23 that the engagement or views of hate speech were falling.

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