Sigh Of Relief For Twitter As Apple And Amazon Resume Advertising On The App

Twitter and Elon Musk can finally breathe a sigh of relief after two of the app’s leading advertising firms are resuming duties on the app.

Both Apple and Amazon were seen coming back to the drawing board and continuing with their advertising functions on the platform. As it is, Twitter gains most of its revenue through advertising, and seeing a temporary pause meant starving the app from such endeavors.

This was never a good sign, to begin with, and Musk was not afraid to go public with his rants. He even called out Apple publicly and hoped they would listen to his outcry. That is what led to a meeting between CEO Tim Cook and Elon Musk at Apple Headquarters.

Musk tweeted how any misunderstandings between both tech giants had been resolved as Cook vowed that his organization was not stopping ads from being played and that Musk had a lot of incorrect facts running around in his head.

Let’s not forget how Apple is Twitter’s biggest advertising partner of 2022 and that’s why there was plenty of concern when such rumors arose.

Amazon also mentioned that it was going to carry on with its advertising endeavors on Twitter after making a few policy tweaks here and there that it deemed necessary.

The news comes just one day after Apple chose to stop ads from being played across Meta’s leading apps of Facebook and Instagram.

A new report from Media Radar even went on to declare how Apple spends the greatest amount of its ad spending on Twitter and hence it was not advocating against the platform’s urge for free speech, as outlined by Musk.

A media journalist by the name of Zach Schiffer has also mentioned publicly how Twitter hopes to offer more incentives to its advertising partners to help balance the huge loss of revenue that has taken place in the past few weeks.

Current statistics have gone on to show how Twitter’s ad revenue was below par, with the current findings falling well below 80% of forecasts predicted by experts for this month.

But we don’t see that as something that’s too shocking. Remember, Twitter lost more than 50% of its advertising partners in October and it certainly is very keen on gaining them back if it hopes to survive in today’s competitive industry.

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