YouTube Launches Primetime Channels So Users Can Watch Content Through The App’s Streaming Partners

YouTube is all set to roll out a new offering for users of the app called Primetime Channels. This would allow users to see content through different streaming services that have partnered together within the platform.

This new feature has a whole list of various platforms that entails the likes of SHOWTIME, ViX+, STARZ, Paramount+, and more. Hence, users will be required to sign up for the feature and then browse and see the content without ever leaving the platform to attain these new offerings.

The feature is launching today in the US so if you’re interested, do check it out now!

These Primetime Channels are available within the category of Movies & TV hub that’s present on the YouTube platform. Moreover, any services that users sign up for would get integrated into the account. Also, so many services would be seen in the app’s search results and you’d be given the chance to view history, further prompting it to give you different sorts of recommendations across the board.

For now, the current list features around 34 different channels that YouTube has been given the chance to partner up with. Moreover, the app mentioned in a recent public post how it would like to work with a series of partners that would bring forward various new options for content on Primetime Channels

Right after the recent move by the company to separate various types of content on the basis of their genre or themes, it appears as if YouTube is wishing to add more mainstream content to the center of people’s attention. This way, it would be better known as a place for streaming when various platforms are involved.

We think the feature is rather interesting and going to be great for all users of the app. What do you think?

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