YouTube On A Mission To Enhance Its Health Community By Providing Healthcare Workers Certification

The vital role of healthcare professionals in today’s day and age can never be underestimated. And that’s why social media giant YouTube is on a mission to better its health community by giving healthcare experts the chance to be certified via its own platform.

The initiative begins today although it was first introduced to the public last year. This feature was only up for grabs for large institutes but now, YouTube feels the time has come to really get on board and make the most of this ordeal.

After receiving proper verification, creators having the necessary certification and licenses would be able to benefit from content that enables audiences to analyze where content is coming from as all sources are authentic.

In the same way, there are so many displays up for grabs right below videos that link to the resources.

At the moment, YouTube has many requirements in place that enables such a verification process to occur and necessary professionals can attain the certification like that. So the company says that starting today, health creators can start applying and giving better forms of support to others on the app.

There are also plenty of plans in the pipeline to introduce health tools and allow eligible creators to offer various paid or unpaid professional courses to target audience members starting soon.

It’s just a wonderful way to help lay out a great learning environment that’s structured and makes it so much simpler to put the due focus where it’s necessary. Other than sending out the support it needs to its creators, the app is also enhancing its user experience across the board. This way, there are new designs up for grabs on the mobile app.

When using the ambiance mode, it’s great to see the added pop of hue to the interface, and also adds great transparency that adds a unique flair without being too distracting from the actual goal.

In addition, it ends up eliminating so much clutter that made it appear so busy such as altering shares for links, subscriptions, and downloads. You might think that most changes have definitely been so positive and seeing the app really experiment and put out new and exciting stuff would get positive feedback.

But in reality, it’s the complete opposite. We’re seeing a lot of the changes not get the love and appreciation that it deserves while others do get some positive encouragement.

One example of the former has to be the rise in prices for the family subscriptions of the Premium service. After that, the trial involving making users pay for 4K live streams didn’t get a good response too so the company ended the experiment.

As the picture continues to alter with time, the app will be seen doing the same. Hence, you never know what sorts of things would be coming your way in the future. However, one thing is for sure and that’s related to the app not doing well without a great audience out there. And that can only arise through the best creators.

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