A Small Test Shows That The Keyword Used In Local Reviews Does Not Affect The Google Ranking

A new study by Sterling Sky shows that the keywords used in local reviews for business listing do not affect the Google ranking and don't play any role in improving the local listing rankings. This is such a shocking fact because writers do their best to make their reviews rank at the top of Google searches but now the study has proved otherwise.

To make the concept of this keyword study clear, Sterling Sky showed an example. In the example, two types of keywords were typed in. One keyword used was "fresh-cut Christmas trees" and the other was "Christmas Trees". However, the search result shown for both these keywords were almost the same. There was no improvement in their ranking after the reviews were added to one of these articles. This means that keyword rich reviews do not always play an important part in the ranking of the articles. So there's no reason to add them excessively. Who knows, after some time adding proper keywords in the reviews will help with Google rankings but for now, whatever you add in the review isn't going to help you.

The results were just getting worse on some added keywords. For the first keyword, the ranking gets worse and worse. In the second keyword, the rankings were almost the same, no change in them occurred. But from what we can conclude from this is that this keyword mishap is only for review-based articles. For affiliates and other types of articles, it is important to have proper use of keywords. You can still write your business listings with proper words, but do not expect Google to rank them with only some reviews.

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