YouTube Expands Its Visual Editing Tools For Image Posts And Adds Quizzes To Community Posting

YouTube has announced a few updates for the platform and they sound like interesting additions to the app.

Both updated include tests that are hinting toward the Community Posts offering and that would provide a series of ways through which creators would both engage and even interact with others on the platform.

For those who may not be aware, Community Posts is the name given to updates that are only viewable when you open up Community Tabs. These may be taken advantage of through various channels on YouTube having more than 500 subscribers.

This is truly a very social media type of style feed that is created to better engagement on the app’s community and is an addition to normal video uploads. So that is why the company is focusing more on giving users a better chance to interact.

For starters, let’s talk about the new visual tools for editing image posts. This gives the user a better chance to compose the right update for the Community.

As mentioned by the company, if you are a creator of such experiments you will be able to see the app for filter additions, alongside text with stickers for such posts. This trial will begin for a small number of creators that use the iOS device and have the tab for Community up and running.

The first batch of these visual editing tools launched on Android in August. And now, it’s making everything so much more available on a broader front. We also see this as a great chance to better Community Updates and produce more content engagement on the app.

Secondly, we’re going to be seeing more additions like Quizzes coming soon on the Community Posting. This just adds a new way to produce direct engagement through interactions with viewers.

As mentioned by the company, such Quizzes are a great way through which creators can engage and interact with audience members. And when the channel is linked to an educational purpose, it would really help viewers learn better.

For now, it’s only being released to a limited number of creators as an experiment and with a great response, it would expand more in the future.

Way back in June of 2022, we saw the company include disappearing updates for Community Posts. This is where you were allowed to put up GIFs, pictures, and polls that help to increase engagement with viewers on your channel.

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