Say Goodbye To The Nasty Comments With Hide-The-User Feature On YouTube

YouTube has launched a new feature of hiding the user if a creator himself wants to report a comment on his channel while experiencing any hateful comment.

YouTube creators often receive people’s opinions more likely to be called “hate comments” under their video content and those would bother them a lot. To safeguard the creators from personal attacks, blocking YouTube comments seems to be the only way for the creators, to get the negativity out of their lives.

In association with this initiative, there are two best ways to restrict YouTube comments from your whole account either operating on Chrome, your PC, or on your smartphone. The first feature provided by YouTube is ‘Restricted Mode’ which can hide inappropriate comments on both the website and app versions. For implementing this feature, all you have to do is visit the settings section on the YouTube app and turn ON the restricted mode. If you want to do the same on the website version, select the option of restricted mode given in the menu on the left-hand side. The restricted option is not just a tool that can only be used to block comments, this solution does have a little drawback. That is, it will prevent you from viewing any videos that may be marked as offensive to children or that include explicit language or imagery. Consequently, there's a chance that the limited setting might stop you from seeing your preferred creator. Nevertheless, if your children frequently visit YouTube, you may use this option with ease.

The second feature to stop comments is Google Chrome extensions which are specifically designed to serve the same purpose. If one adds these extensions to his or her browser, the comment section would be promptly deleted without leaving a single remaining.

Additionally, through the first feature creators in the experiment can check the hidden user list in the studio to view all of the accounts they have blocked from their channels. I must say, YouTube has contributed a lot to protect its users from pathetic reviews on the platform.

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