China Is About To Break Its Intense Lockdown of the Gaming Sector And That's Because Gaming Addiction in Minors Is Improving

China is showing signs that the strick stance they implemented on the gaming sector is slowly coming down. Chinese tech sectors including Tencent and NetEase will easily take advantage of domestic video gaming and their work will increase in China. A research partnership between CNG and China Game Industry Group Committee indicated that they praised China's decision to reduce the gaming of people under the age of 18 and said that the progress of this decision can be largely seen positively.

Last year, China restricted children under the age of 18 to play video games for more than 3 hours a week because this entertainment was turning into an addiction. The report by CNG is of great value because it was partnered with a key figure in the Chinese gaming industry. The report concluded that 70% of minors are only playing videos 3 hours a week, and the addiction to video games is slowly going down. This positive news can nudge the Chinese gaming sector to speed up.

Several media outlets report that things among minors got this far because the Chinese government wasn't implementing any strict laws and enforcements into this matter. Now that the laws are made and people are strictly following them, the Chinese gaming factor looks like it has a bright future ahead. The Chinese tech giants Tencent and NetEase are enforcing some tricks that will tame the minors. For instance, both of these companies use a face recognition tool to see if the person playing the game is an adult or not.

As we know that in China every video game needs to be approved by the government so it can start monetizing. The great news many gaming companies heard from China is that the government recently approved 70 new games. Among these 70 games, Tencent's game was also included which makes it the first gaming license of the company in one year and a half. China stopped approving games last year but this year in April, it slowly started giving a green light to some games. But until now, games from China's largest gaming company, Tencent, were never approved.

Tencent says that from now on they expect their gaming license to be approved quickly. The company's president says that they are seeing a brighter future for the gaming sector in China.

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