WhatsApp Is Going To Become A Driven Source Of Sales Expansion

Besides other Meta Platforms, WhatsApp and Messenger are expected to hold the authority for accelerating the augmentation of sales in the favor of the corporation.

I know you must be thinking why only WhatsApp would be responsible for the sales growth of the company. It is because of the massive layoffs, the company had faced recently, and in reply, the CEO of Meta Platforms Inc., Mark Zuckerberg assured the staff that to allay financial worries followed by the round of employees’ excessive furloughs, the company has decided to grant the power to both of the messaging apps for continuing the next wave of its stable sales growth.

After an announcement by Meta for the dismissal of 11,000 employees, many challenging questions were raised for Zuckerberg regarding the decision made by the company, in an international business meeting. Reuter, an international news agency reported the event in which Zuckerberg confidently described WhatsApp and Messenger are great platforms that could be utilized as a source of profit-making as compared to Facebook and Instagram. He further disclosed the upcoming strategy of the company to make business messaging an important pillar of their business as WhatsApp and Messenger are the most monetized apps.

Some customers may communicate and contact vendors via chat applications thanks to Meta, including another element unveiled in the meeting. Since declaring a drawn-out objective to create a vivid metaverse last year, Zuckerberg has significantly put resources into broadened reality hardware and software. His explanations there demonstrate an adjustment of tone and accentuation.

Mark Zuckerberg while addressing the workers, downplayed the amount of money the company was investing in the entity of Metaverse investment, Reality Labs. According to him, followed by personnel costs, spending on capital expenditures was Meta’s second-largest expense. Those Reality Labs have received almost 20% of the funding allocated by Meta.

On Reality Labs, more than half of the division’s fund has been invested in AR. As per Zuckerberg, in the forthcoming years, devices are expected to keep on coming out with smart glasses, and no wonder that may be outstanding augmented reality spectacles coming within ten years.

Andrew Bosworth, Chief Technology Officer of Reality Labs, remarked that in order to make AR spectacles more attractive to potential customers, they must be more highly functional than smartphones. He also stated that at first, he was hesitant to create specific industrial applications for devices, and instead he just intended to concentrate on creating a large audience.

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