Research shows Americans are unsubscribing themselves from online reading platforms

As per the recent report released by Toolkits and the National Research Group, online subscriptions will be declining by the end of the ongoing year.

The survey results showed that 29 percent of the participants were planning to minimize their digital subscriptions, while only 16 percent of respondents were serious about it. Whereas twenty-seven percent of them will be getting subscribed to even more online services, and almost forty-four percent have planned to keep things the way they are right now.

However, when asked if they had unsubscribed from at least one of the online communities they had memberships in, 53 percent of them said yes. whereas 19 percent of the respondents have never gotten rid of any of their online subscriptions. Two of the most common reasons for taking this initiative are either the rising prices on everything or the dropping quality of the service being provided by the publishers.

As for the writers, they have something to relax about. As it was revealed in the survey, 53 percent of the readers were satisfied with the services they were receiving; on the other hand, 31 percent think that what they pay money for is also offered by free services. Furthermore, 44 percent of the customers with more than five subscriptions plan to add more to their list.

Currently, these publishers are aiming to target 63% of users who are not subscribed to any of the online reading platforms. Such platforms should work on making things more user-accessible by offering their services at discounted rates or introducing temporary options or subscriptions for short durations, which can help users avail what suits them the most.

It can be expected that if publishers come up with offers that will help these consumers better understand and get themselves subscribed to the services that suit them the most based on quality and price, then these platforms will be able to do well by attracting more readers and keeping the already subscribed ones.

2,509 users from the United States were surveyed by the research group.

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