New Report Confirms Gen Z Could Care Less About Cybersecurity At The Workplace

New research is opening up about the reality of Gen Z in terms of their attitude toward cybersecurity in the workplace.

It’s quite interesting to note how so many young employees aren’t really caring that much about cybersecurity. This is very alarming as that means they’re willing to put their organization at risk by allowing serious harm to occur.

An estimated 1,000 different employees had been surveyed with the help of devices that were issued by various employers. And that’s when the famous professional service-providing firm called EY revealed some interesting findings.

They claim that younger people were least bothered about cybersecurity than those hailing from the millennial age group. This occurred despite their adherence to various safety policies provided by employers.

Around 83% of the participants that were surveyed revealed how they were well aware of the security policy in place by their employer.

In terms of following important IT updates, 58% of those people arising from Gen Z and 42% of those hailing from the millennial age group claim to be disregarding it as much as possible. Meanwhile, less than 31% of people arising from Gen X and around 15% of baby boomers would end up doing the same.

It was also observed how many people weren’t mindful of things like password reuse situated between private as well as business accounts. A third of the older people that had been surveyed confirmed this finding while people arising from Gen X didn’t admit to the matter.

Around half of Gen Z and the millennial age group were seen accepting cookies thrown at them from web browsers on various work issue devices. This was in comparison to 30% of Gen X and even less of baby boomers. As you can imagine, there is an imminent need for firms to rebuild the whole security strategy, keeping human behavior at the center of it all.

Many feel that the reason why so many younger individuals have this much apathy in terms of the world of technology is simple. It’s just how overly familiar they are with the world of technology. It’s like they were never born without it.

When you end up being so comfortable with the world of technology, you in turn serve as ideal targets for different cyber criminals out there in this world who are exploiting loopholes in security.
When a firm’s cybersecurity practices aren’t put up in a prominent manner, threat actors end up compromising major networks with basic attacks in terms of social engineering.

So many major cybersecurity attacks conducted in the past have made us realize one thing, you don’t really need to be the best social engineer to leak out sensitive information that belongs to various firms and their associated customers. In the end, it causes losses worth hundreds of thousands of dollars because of the fines involved.

So as you can see, with such a careless attitude involved, things aren’t going to go the way they should and it’s the organization that ends up suffering.

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