US Announces Banning Of Telecom And Video Surveillance Equipment By Top Chinese Brands

America is in no mood of playing games with China as the FCC was recently seen issuing a ban on several telecom and video surveillance products provided by leading Chinese firms.

This is a clear indication of how keen the country is on tightening the screw of telecom firms operating from China in the US.

Many experts are calling the decision out as one that is certainly high-pressure and controversial. Moreover, the FCC has even gone as far as citing the huge risks attached to things like national security. Both Huawei and ZTE Corp were prevented from selling their electronic goods in the country.

Other than that, electronics from companies like Dahua, Hytera, and even Hikvision won’t be allowed in the nation too.

Meanwhile, the FCC mentioned how it was certainly committed to enabling better protection of the country’s national security and that would be done by ensuring any unreliable equipment isn’t authorized for usage in the US.

As FCC recently published in its statement, these are some important steps being taken to protect American citizens from the growing number of threats that entail the world of telecom.

Similarly, the FCC spoke about outlawing so many public funds so it would be capable of buying goods and services in America and then launching another reimbursement program to delete insecure equipment that’s been installed in American networks.
By preventing such equipment from getting identified as a huge threat in the US and further entering other markets, there’s a huge risk being overcome through such means. Simply, no authorization means no deployment.

For a while now, we’ve seen cities like Washington really increase the pressure on various tech firms in China. The reason being is quite simple. Both intelligence companies and researchers continue to signal an alarm for several years now about how the Chinese government may end up using products produced by China to conduct surveillance on US citizens.

We are seeing other nations like the United Kingdom behave in a similar fashion as the country’s House of Parliament instructs the end of deploying equipment from China.

This means things like surveillance cameras won’t be making their way to areas deemed to be highly sensitive.

Analysts fear that such products made by Chinese companies such as Hikvision in the country would even go as far as gathering data through facial recognition which could be manipulated for use by the Chinese Government.

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