Twitter’s Fact-Checking System ‘Community Notes’ Gets New Update

Twitter says it’s on a mission to enhance its fact-checking system and it’s proving to do just that and more via a recent update.

The crowdsourced feature is the latest venture by the company to get updated so that low-quality checks don’t go unnoticed and can be detected more effectively. Therefore, any notes that were written out by the app’s own users for the sake of tweets would be receiving better clarification with context, the app explained.

Therefore, a lot more contributors that wrote such unhelpful annotations will now be at risk of losing their chance of writing through the platform, the company mentioned. Hence, they’ll have to work harder to earn that contributor status again.

This particular algorithm change entails producing notes where contributors try to explain why some tweets should not be considered misleading. A while back, the app did mention how it put a pause on such scoring mechanisms because they felt the whole rating system was super noisy.

Twitter says that such content is not only low quality but annoying to those contributing so now, it’s actually restoring the scoring system for such notes that comes with a bucketload of changes. With this new update in place, it’s better to identify and even lock out so many contributors who will not assist in writing any content that’s useful.

For Twitter, anything that’s dubbed as low quality is if a wider audience all start agreeing on a certain note as being unhelpful. And that is what ends up putting a full stop to outcomes that are one-sided.

This particular news comes at a time when we’re witnessing plenty of advertisers exiting the Twitter app as Elon Musk markets his moderation through the community as a new way forward on the app.

Let’s not forget how Twitter is the one that makes the most revenue through ads and for now, the picture is looking awfully gloomy. How will such a digital platform be able to sustain itself in a competitive and cutting-edge world without money gained through ads?

Today, Musk was even more concerned about Apple suddenly pausing its advertising on the app. On that note, the billionaire questioned if the leading iPhone maker was not a fan of free speech because Apple is the app’s top advertising contributor of 2022 so the behavior was bizarre to Musk.

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