Elon Musk Plans To Expand An Increase In Twitter’s Character Limit From 280 To 1000 Characters

Elon Musk has always been on the verge of trying to introduce new changes to the Twitter app.

While some may be welcomed, others not so much. And this time around, we’re hearing about a change that includes increasing the character limit from 280 to 1000. Musk says it’s a part of his to-do list and he’s excited to bring forward more similar changes that would benefit users on the platform.

The news comes as a user of Twitter requested Musk to shed some light on the matter and what his thoughts were on a possible character limit expansion. So Musk simply acknowledged the comment and said it’s coming soon. And we can expect Musk to do it because he really does do things that he says.

Then, during the early hours of the day, we heard Musk mention how it’s a good idea and one that the company is keen on introducing very soon for tweets. He similarly called the 280 limit as annoying and would be interested in making it 420.

You’ll find the billionaire incorporating the figure 420 in a lot of his work and it’s actually very interesting. This is because the reference here is to the culture of pot smoking. Let’s not forget how he opted to make Tesla’s private share at a value worth $420.

Just a few days after he took on the Twitter company for $44 billion, we saw Musk mention how he was so open to allowing users to put up longer tweets and video content. Today, Twitter allows a limit of 280 characters for tweets but there has been a long-time debate on whether or not that’s enough.

As Musk tried to answer more queries on the subject, there was one Twitter user who felt that the app needed to stop counting spaces as a part of the limit as he felt it was illogical. This would provide a lot more space for certain letters. On the other hand, another user came up with the suggestion that the application should just stick to the original plan of 280 characters but should instead look forward to long-form notes.

Musk mentioned how shorter tweets end up putting forward messages that are to the point and simple to understand. They’re easy to read, mentioned another avid Twitter user.

For now, Twitter is staying hush on the matter. They have said what they needed to through the voice of the chief, Elon Musk. And remember, the last time we heard about such a change was way back in 2017. This is when the firm increased the count from 140 to 280.

Ever since he has taken charge, Elon Musk has really made a lot of amendments to the app. But if we had to pick one that really was the most notable one of them all, well, it’s Twitter Blue’s subscription with verification.

At a cost of $8 for this blue tick, the chance to post long videos, witness fewer ads, and also get priority ranking with your content are some of the perks.

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