Twitter Users Confused About China’s Latest COVID-19 Restrictions Obscured By Escort Ads

In the world of today, it wouldn’t be wrong to mention that the demand for explicit content is high. This might be one of any tactics being used by leading tech platforms to disguise or detract users from focusing on news that’s more important.

One such instance has to be related to Twitter hiding all the protests that have arisen thanks to the massive response to China’s clampdown against soaring COVID-19 infections.

Those users on the app who really wished to get a grip on the news developing around the globe and how many street protests were occurring against the intense lockdown embarked on by the Chinese Government. These individuals were met with plenty of ads for escort services in China.

One China watcher mentioned how the search was on for various Chinese cities like Shanghai and Beijing. But what people got in return was discussions about spam and visuals depicting escorts and their services.

Meanwhile, another Chinese analyst says he ran plenty of checks regarding tweets to see what would pop up if the term latest came. And that’s when 95% mentioned them to be spam. They tweeted a huge rate of spam and it’s been going on for a while now.

But China and bots aren’t something too new. The blame is not only on Twitter or any of its shortcomings. Even though a lot of people felt mass layoffs under Musk’s leadership might be partly the reason for this endeavor.

Now, bots are arising who flood the platform with ads linked to escorts. And that just makes it so much harder to gain access to data that is quintessential for the time being and needs to be highlighted.

You’ll be amazed to find how some accounts that were dormant for years are now coming forward with spam posts left and right. In just 24 hours, you’ll see more than 2000 tweets take center stage.

The reason why it’s shocking is how the figures are way more than a few hundred. Every few seconds, new posts pop up and it’s concerning to see how efficiently such bots are working.

On the other hand, we’ve got Elon Musk coming under fire too at the same time. It was super clear to all of these Chinese users of Twitter that the app was dealing with spam posts.

But many felt that it was time for Musk to provide plenty of justification as to why all of these posts coming on Twitter were linked to escorts when all a user was searching for was a Chinese city.

People turn to Twitter so they can see posts about the Chinese government that was censored. But now, that’s not seeming to be a possibility. And it’s raising even more questions in people’s minds about what Musk wants and why he’s not addressing the real matter or finding a solution.

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