Now You Can Share Contact Cards And Access Your Call History On WhatsApp Beta For Windows Version

Every other day, WhatsApp introduces new features for its users so they can use the app with ease. According to a new report, WhatsApp is introducing a new feature that will let Windows beta users share their contact cards on Windows. According to this report, WABetaInfo says that users will be able to share contact cards within the same chat sheet.

When this feature is enabled, the users on Windows will be able to add the contact to their contact card easily. If this feature is already enabled on your WhatsApp, the Contacts will automatically emerge at the entry point. There will be no point in taking some lengthy measures to save the contact because as soon as someone shares a contact on WhatsApp for the web, you can add it to your WhatsApp contact book.

This feature will only be available for WhatsApp Beta for Windows after the beta users have installed the new WhatsApp version 2.2247.2.0 for Windows. There are many other WhatsApp features too which are currently rolling out. WABetaInfo has also reported that WhatsApp is currently working out to roll a new feature in Windows which will help users to track call history on the web. WhatsApp has already released this update on Microsoft Store. Now the beta users who will install WhatsApp version 2.2246.4.0 will be able to manage their call history on the WhatsApp Windows App. However, this feature isn't available to all users. Only selected beta users of WhatsApp can enjoy this update on Windows until it gets available to the public.

The screenshot of this feature is also available for the users to see. The screenshot shows the calls tab that shows up when you open WhatsApp on Windows. Users can also open the calling card to access the information about the call on the WhatsApp Windows app. The report about this feature says that since the WhatsApp app on windows is a beta version, your calls history on windows might not be as in sync with your mobile call history. The calls you have from your windows app may also not even show up on your mobile app. However, there is a chance that WhatsApp will work more on this feature and this issue will be resolved.

As mentioned above, the features have only been released to beta users but there is a chance that they will be released to other users soon.

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