Twitter All Set To Enhance Text Security With Signal Protocol And Replace Views With ‘Verified Views’

Twitter is on a mission to make some more changes that will act in favor of the platform.

The company recently spotted playing with the code that shows how it would be enhancing the security of its texting feature through the addition of Signal Protocol. This would be coupled with end-to-end encryption on the app’s messaging.

The news comes to us thanks to a security researcher who was able to outline lines of code that align with what Musk mentioned earlier about the app moving in this direction.

During this past month, Twitter’s CEO added that he was on a mission to implement end-end encryption for all messages sent privately through the app. And with more evidence coming forward that showcases just that, thanks to researcher Jane Manchun Wong, this is definitely one thing to celebrate. She says that it’s already being tested for iOS devices via the Twitter code.

Similarly, Wong was seen explaining how such a signal protocol library was getting linked in a statistical manner into this Twitter app after her recent finding. Right now, it appears like the feature is to make people aware of how important of a factor security and privacy is because spying in today’s day and age is so common and dangerous.

Having DMs encrypted would give that relief to users that no one is creeping on them or reading their texts. But we can’t help but wonder why such a developed and famous app has been devoid of this feature for years.

It’s more or less like saying Twitter made zero effort to have its users protected. Nevertheless, better late than never.

Next up, we’re hearing more news about how Twitter is altering its Views to Verified Views. For those who may not be aware, Views was another name reserved for impressions of a particular tweet.

Now, Twitter is on a mission to have the view counts for tweets visible on the app. For now, the news has not been verified but it comes thanks to researcher Jane Manchun Wong who is not sure if it’s going to be visible to people like the author or everyone.

People were happy with the news and they felt it would be a decision taken in favor of the app’s users. Hence, there is a strong likelihood that it’s going to be visible for all, similar to the likes of TikTok.

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