Twitter Confirms Its COVID-19 Misleading Information Policy Will No Longer Be Enforced

Twitter has recently confirmed a major update being made to its website that has been effective since November 23.

The digital platform will no longer be entertaining its misleading information policy regarding COVID-19 anymore. This means the firm wouldn’t be prioritizing things like deleting or tagging health facts that are untrue and linked to the virus.

In 2020, the company did mention how one of its biggest priorities was to eliminate all sorts of information regarding the virus and vaccines as thousands were coming forward with fake claims regarding the pandemic and the effects of immunization. After all, during that period, the pandemic was at its peak.

Now, CEO Elon Musk revealed how he has got a sudden change of heart and despite being a vocal critic on the matter, the company is shunning its own policy laid out by former executives running the firm at that time.

Musk was always against practices linked to forcing people to be imprisoned at home against their will. He also says that now, the mortality for the virus has dramatically gone down too.

Therefore, Elon Musk mentioned how free speech on the app might be a huge part of the reason why such changes are taking place now. But safety experts that look after such things online have proven that such measures increase the figure of hate speech, misinformation, and even harassment on the app.

As it is, civil rights groups are urging advertisers to pull far away from the company which Musk feels is a plan to starve the firm from generating more revenue for its livelihood. With that being said, Elon Musk still tries to convince his figures that hate speech has dramatically fallen after his takeover and many can’t help but wonder how authentic such facts are.

The sudden change arises at a time when we’re hearing about employees trying their best to get back 62,000 accounts that were once suspended. And this figure may entail some 11,000 accounts that were paused for breaking the firm’s rules related to COVID-19 misinformation.

Remember, it’s only been days since the Chief of Twitter Elon Musk put forward a poll to ask users what they felt about restoring all suspended accounts, providing they didn’t take part in any spam or broke laws. The answer was surprising as a staggering 72% said yes and just 27% said no.

Let’s not forget how the results of the poll are also being questioned as it was not scientific nor was it free from being handled by bots.

Musk loves to refer to such polls as the voice of the people but many are skeptical about what exactly it meant. As it is, Twitter’s Blue Subscriptions are now paused after suffering a massive disaster.

Trump was also reinstated through such a poll by Elon Musk, which he again mentioned to be the voice of the people. Remember, blue ticks managed to impersonate so many brands and famous public figures so that was really chaotic to handle for Musk.

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