World’s Most Popular YouTuber Shoots Down Musk’s Challenge Of Twitter Competing With YouTube

If you happen to be an avid enthusiast on the YouTube app, we bet you’re very familiar with the account that goes by the name of Mr. Beast.

He is the most popular influencer on YouTube with the biggest number of followers across the app. And now, he’s opening up his mouth against billionaire Elon Musk and refuting his challenge of Twitter competing with the likes of YouTube.

Mr. Beast says that Musk (and his platform) would never be able to pay its creators the same type of funds that YouTube does and that there was no comparison whatsoever between the two leading digital platforms.

The famous YouTube star mentioned his thoughts through a series of tweets posted on the Twitter app. These were replies to shut Musk down.

Last week, Elon Musk opted to tweet images of charts alongside captions that included, ‘Twitter added 1.6 million daily users in this past week, which is another major high!”

After that particular day, we saw Donaldson mention how he had 114 million subscribers on the app and even replied to Musk’s tweet in writing that he wondered what exactly the term daily actives are and what significance it held.

As mentioned by YouTube recently, the app has more than 2 billion active users joining in each month. And on that note, Musk openly challenged Mr. Beast by mentioning that it would be interesting to see what would happen if the app offered great videos with bigger compensation points for various creators on the app.

On that note, the famous YouTube says it would be near to impossible to think about such compensations for Twitter as YouTube really does value its creators and treats them so well in terms of finances. At the same time, creators earn a great amount through ad revenue generated via YouTube videos, despite the app taking its fair share.

For instance, if you become a part of the app’s partner program, you’ll get a 55% share of the revenue earned through your video content. Therefore, as Mr. Beast says, he’s going to be shocked to see Musk trying to crack the code that has led to YouTube's massive success.

The whole subject of debate is awfully interesting. Mr. Beat is the biggest YouTuber in the world and he has mentioned time and time again how Elon Musk is one of his greatest inspirations while speaking for a Rolling Stone interview.

With time, the famous content creator managed to build a great relationship with Musk through the Twitter app as Musk does tend to ask for advice from him about plans to relaunch apps like Vine. He even openly wanted to donate $1 million to his tree planting initiative too.

A recently held question and answer session conducted by Musk at Twitter saw him speaking to employees about how they should be hanging out and speaking to leading YouTubers like Mr. Beast so they can be persuaded to gain 10% rises on the app to build up video content.

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