Twitter Closes The Doors On Its Office In Brussels After EU Threatens Stricter Rules

The office for Twitter in Brussels is no more as confirmed recently by a number of media reports.

This means we may be seeing a lot of difficulties in store for the organization in terms of adopting new EU rules for the subject of content moderation.

Moreover, the number of people working at the office currently has also dropped from six to only two as revealed by Elon Musk who mentioned that the workforce was half.

Meanwhile, those few that did remain are now exiting the firm as mentioned by a report in the Financial Times. This is when Elon Musk informed his workers about how they needed to commit to some sort of vision linked to hardcore Twitter or choose to exit along the way.

The executives who left were busy seeing a public policy for the app in places like Europe. These had been in charge of a number of things that ensured Twitter complied with the disinformation code that was set out by the EU and outlined in the DSA.

We saw this act come into play last week and would soon be applying to various firms starting from February 2024. The benefit for the EU here is that it’s going to get more power regarding how platforms end up moderating content and that causes tech firms to take away illegal content.

Now so many platforms are going to have to be more and more transparent about how they’re piling on their decisions for content moderation. Those affected would have the ability to challenge decisions linked to moderation when content gets removed or their access ends up getting restricted.

In case the app does fail to comply with the DSA’s rules then it would be facing a heavy penalty. Moreover, we’d be seeing regulators come forward and send out huge fines that are 6% of the global turnover or the app’s ban. Meanwhile, the internal market commissioner named Theirry Breton explained how Musk and Twitter needed to follow the guidelines that have been laid out.

Musk says that the whole idea is to force moderation rules in behaving in a manner that limits it to just illegal content. He added that some moderation rules can vary by a huge margin and jurisdiction. Therefore, less staff had been dedicated to making sure Twitter abides by its own rules and having staff lined up to ensure just that.

The EU VP has expressed his own concern on the matter. He feels that the time has come to detect and work against disinformation as well as propaganda. It requires a lot of resources and Twitter is expected to honor all of its respective commitments.

On the other hand, a few FTC senators have requested for an investigation to be conducted that speaks about consumer protection laws getting violated. Twitter needs time to review various features in terms of privacy issues. During this past month, it was mentioned how engineers self-certify what they’re complying with in terms of the FTC rules as well as other laws. Now, the FTC mentioned how it’s busy tracking down developments on the app with some major concerns.

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