Facebook Accounts Are Easily Getting Hacked, People Are Concerned But Meta Isn't Doing Anything For Security And Safety Measures

The personal technology section at the Washington Post called Help Desk has received thousands of emails from people who have been locked out of their Facebook accounts but do not know how to get in. Many of the users lose their accounts to hackers who use Facebook pages for reselling. A cook named Lucretia Groce hosted a live stream on her Facebook page and many people joined it. These people included people fighting cancer and chemo who said that watching this live stream has made them hungry again. Lucretia said that these remarks made her so warm and grateful. She made a community of people on her Facebook page.

But all seemed to crash down when Lucretia Groce got locked out of her Facebook account. Facebook emailed her that she has some abusive content on her profile. When she checked her profile, she felt like throwing up because it was a video of child pornography. The reason was quite clear: her account was hacked. There was no one to help her recover her business account and now she has lost the virtual family she made on her Facebook account. She had 1,700 followers and a large portion of her expenses was paid from the payment from the videos she used to make on Facebook.

We come across many instances like Lucretia who loses their Facebook account and there's no way to get them back. Sometimes, losing a Facebook account is just an inconvenience when you are using it to pass time, but for some people, it's the source of their income. Lucretia Groce said that she had lost about $18,000 in the months she was trying to get her Facebook account back.

The founder of Hacked.com says that they do zoom meetings with the people who have lost their Facebook accounts to hackers and they start crying because of the loss they are facing after saying goodbye to their account. Hacked.com helps people to navigate the ways to get their hacked accounts back.

It is all because of the security and safety threats users are facing. Meta's spokesperson said that they are trying to make significant changes in the security sector of their company. They are also trying to raise awareness among users on how to be safe from hackers. The procedure of getting your account back is hectic and time taking. Victims say that they cannot call Facebook customer service so they email them but most of the responses are unhelpful.

Although Facebook has told people that they are working on leveling up their security system, they have done close to nothing until now. Facebook told The Post that even two-factor authentication can't do anything for the security and safety of users. If anything, it raises more concerns and issues. But the problem only lies in Facebook, because other firms are doing great with two-factor authentication.

Meta has assigned about 40,000 employees in the safety and security sector, but not one of them seems to be doing his job correctly. No one answers the concerns of victims. It is easier to lose your account of 10 years in minutes than to get it back. It may take you years and higher chances are that you may never get it back.

There are many stories of victims who spent their whole lives trying to build a business on their Facebook accounts, but it all went down the drain once their accounts got hacked. This all is getting too much and Facebook has to take some action against it.

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