The Relationship Between Apple And Twitter Isn't Going Too Good Ever Since Elon Musk Took Over Twitter

Since Elon Musk took over Twitter, things are not going great. He has been constantly trying new ways to make Twitter as confusing as ever for users. Musk wants to develop Twitter as a free speech platform. As a result, Twitter is also reinstating many banned personalities including the account of the former US president, Donald Trump. Recently, Musk has also introduced subscriptions on the app to increase revenue. Even though Musk is continuously doing whatever he seems is good, it can cause some bad effects on the relationship between the app with Apple and Google.

Elon Musk's vision of Twitter 2.0 is going to violate the rules of Google and Apple and there's a chance that it will get rebooted from Play Store and App Store. Recently, Elon tweeted how he is not happy about the fees Google charges tax to apps like Twitter. He also tagged the Department of Justice's antitrust division, and now it is investigating the rules on the App Store because Elon says that charges are like a 30% hidden tax on the internet. Musk also highlighted that Google and Apple take 15% - 30% of the total purchases made inside Twitter. This can affect the $8 subscription on the app and as a result, Twitter's revenue will go down.

Last weekend, Apple's former head marketing executive deleted his Twitter account which has a lot of followers. It is well concluded that since Elon took over, the hate speech on the app skyrocketed. Not only did trolls rise in numbers, but many racists have also started tweeting freely. The Twitter company is at risk because, after Elon, the app is more exposed to harmful content. Because of Twitter blue, the subscribed verified accounts are spreading fake news and information to people, which leads to chaos.
Twitter and Apple have known each other for years and in 2011, Twitter was officially available on iOS operating system. But this relationship is in danger because of the Twitter subscriptions Elon Musk is giving to people. Apple is charging too much percentage of the revenue to Apple and has strict rules, so Twitter is going to take action against it.

Apple and Google always block apps that violate the content moderation rules and have harmful content. So if Elon Musk tries to do something opposite to the guidelines given by Apple and Google, there is a big chance that Twitter will not see the light of day on these two systems. But it's Elon Musk we are talking about, who will do whatever he pleases without thinking about the consequences.

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