TikTok Makes It Clear That The App Will Not Follow In Elon Musk’s ‘Firing Spree’ Footsteps

Elon Musk may appear to have set the wrong example for the tech world with his decision to bring down Twitter’s workforce by a staggering 50%. But social media giant TikTok says it’s not bothered by how Twitter is shaping up.

The famous short video app’s CEO says the firm is so equipped that it does not and will not follow in Musk’s footsteps of drastically reducing the manpower behind the company’s success.

CEO Shou Zi Chew adds that the company has other priorities and while it might not appear like it’s in its best shape, things aren’t as bad as Twitter and so it won’t be drastically cutting costs. He also hoped that such a day never ever comes up.

Chew mentioned that with the way things are going and how they are organized, it wouldn’t be resorting to such drastic measures to gain more efficiency. Remember, after Twitter, we witnessed the likes of Meta, Amazon, and Snapchat among others lay off a significant portion of their workers.

Chew mentioned how content moderation has such a pivotal role in terms of securing the great efforts put out by TikTok. Hence, it’s one of the main reasons why you’ll see thousands of its workers carrying out duties in that division. And that is the app’s priority right now.

Speaking for a recent interview with Bloomberg, he went on to add that it’s one of the biggest teams out there in terms of trust and safety. And this is one investment that TikTok says is the most worthwhile of them all as a safe and healthy platform is the best platform.

For now, it’s just too early for anything. And to determine which direction the Twitter app is moving toward under the Elon Musk leadership can’t be known.

Chew’s startling comments have arisen after Musk started his firing of the company’s content moderators who were working for the app under the outsourcing label. So that led to another major decision about what was next and how Twitter would be battling issues like misinformation.

While Twitter is yet to unveil how many of its employees working on a contract basis were fired, one thing is for sure, around 3000 were shown the door during the later hours of Saturday.

We also saw TikTok pledge to increase its engineering working staff situated in California by a staggering 2000 workers so that data protocols would be strengthened.

We are seeing so many major layoffs occur across the board in the tech world but as far as the platform is concerned, we are watching earnings grow. With that said, the app really reduced its revenue targets by nearly $2 billion during the early part of this month.

Sales had gone up and a lot of blame was put on the firm’s teams handling the likes of advertising and even e-commerce. Moreover, TikTok mentioned in a letter sent out to senators belonging to the Republican political party that the workers hailing from its Bytedance firm in China may gain access to data belonging to US users.

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