Meta’s Oversight Board Restores Controversial Post Comparing Russian Soldiers To Nazis

While mistakes do happen everywhere in the world, in some places, they’re often more unforgiving. And the world of social media happens to be one of those.

A recent decision set out by Meta’s Oversight Board really raised big concerns. This was about a post that it restored which was originally deleted by Facebook. The post was related to a comparison of Russian soldiers to Nazis.

But on Wednesday, the board came forward and they made a shocking revelation. The image they revealed featured a dead person who had received gunshot wounds from another in Ukraine. Other than that, we saw a poem set out for the subject of killing fascists. But the board concluded that it was good to go and no violation had been made in terms of hate speech and human rights.

The board then sent out a shocking ruling that put in context why it was approved and it made matters worse as people started to wonder what was going on and if the members taking part in the content moderation reviews were even fit enough to handle the job in front of them.

But Meta had first removed that post after so many people came forward with all sorts of comments on the app that revolved around Ukraine’s war. The firm was seen asking for advice from the oversight board and whether or not it made the right decision in deleting it. But to its shock and many others, the post was restored and the justification provided made things worse!

In case you are wondering, the Oversight Board really functions as the most independent entity comprising academics, lawyers, and rights experts. It was done to rule over cases of content moderation and give Meta on how it feels content should be displayed on Facebook and if they’re in line with policies or not.

As far as this controversial post is concerned, it was mindblowing to see the board last out against Facebook on Twitter. They did claim to understand Meta’s perspective but they felt it was time to defend freedom of expression because it was wrong of them to delete the post.

On that note, Meta was left with no decision but to have it reinstated. The Oversight Board claims the post was not alleging Russian soldiers of being Nazis but it was drawing some historical comparisons between the behavior of various Russian soldiers.

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